Four Nikayas in print: Vihara Buddha Gotama edition

Ven Thavaro and the Vihara Buddha Gotama have printed copies of my translations of the four Nikayas for free distribution! They’ve done a great job; the books are hard cover with sewn binding. I received a set in the mail this week.

The edition is in honor of the founder of Vihara Buddha Gotama, and one of my monastic mentors, Bhante Dhammavuddho. I will always remember the kindness that he showed me when I was staying in Ipoh.

(Note, this is in addition to our project for printing the Suttas via SuttaCentral, which is still ongoing!)


Congratulations bhante!

I’m a huge fan of Ven. Dhammavuddho, his writings and talks influenced me greatly the past decade. I wish I could have visited him on his Greece tour right before he passed away. Nice to see the dedication towards him.


Is there any indication of how copies of these might get to monasteries in Sri Lanka?

Where can purchase?

Four Nikayas-in-print-vihara-buddha-gotama-edition

I’d love to donate and get a set, are they sending overseas?

If non-violence doesn’t work out for someone studying the suttas, the could use those hefty volumes as shields.

Seriously, very impressive.

I would make a donation and get some copies for myself, but I am addicted to the convenience of the suttas being online.

A very inspiring counterexample to the idea that to getting the nikayas in print necessitates high prices by using for profit organizations.

I prefer your translations to the ones available from wisdom pub., and I have very limited access to electronic devices (by choice) so this is very interesting news to see that these exist.

for free distribution!

How could one order a set and make a donation in lieu of payment?

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So, the link in the OP is not to their official website, it is to a tribute site. But if you follow on to the official FB page, the latest post mentions the books. It’s from December of last year:

But that post is actually from this page:

which is extremely active. I looked briefly but couldn’t find anything about the book printing.

Perhaps someone with a facebook account could try to contact them.


Facebook makes it hard to link to things, but if you have an account you can search “sujato print”, or something similar. There is a more recent announcement from February:

22 February 2022

We are pleased to inform you that the printer has received the printing paper cargo last 2 weeks and the printing has started in batches. The printer will take some time to complete the orders as the set of 4 copies of Nikayas are very thick books

The 1st batch of 200 sets of Nikayas will be ready for delivery by of the April 2022. TBCM will courier the Nikayas for orders on a first-come-first served basis.

Once again, TBCM would like to thank you for your understanding and patience as the Nikayas has taken longer to be delivered to you due to unforeseen circumstances.

Regards with Metta, Sis Julie Tan

Hon. Secretary-General Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia


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So, just as an fyi, if you click on the date of a post:

That will give you a link: