Free Buddhist Books For Everyone... 😁

Dear Dhamma friends in this forum, finally we can make our book in English translation. We glad to share this Dhamma to you. It’s free book for everyone… :grin::pray:

:adult:‍:school:FREE BUDDHIST BOOK!!!
Anupubbikatha, Gradual Teaching’s of The Buddha.:books:

:tipping_hand_man:t2:After successfully distributed more than 3000 copies free of charge throughout Indonesia, this book is now available in English version.

:tipping_hand_woman:t2:This book summarizes the gradual teachings (Anupubbikatha) and gradual practice (Anupubbasikkha), the thematic teachings that Buddha used to teach His disciples.

:raising_hand_man:We’re now sharing this book for free in ebook format which can be downloaded here:

:calling: Anupubbikatha English

:raising_hand_woman:t2:We also provide 100 copies printed version of this book for free includes the shipping cost. However, the printed version is only for people with eye problems who can’t read ebook format comfortably. each person can only order one book.

:books:You can order the printed version by sending a message to WhatsApp number +6289635712084 (Mr. Arya Karniawan) by providing the recipient’s name, complete address with zip code, and the recipient’s phone number.

:point_right:We deliver this book using Indonesian Postal (Untraceable service). Estimated package to arrive in 1-3 months.:point_left:

:exclamation:(Please don’t order the printed version if you don’t really need it.):grey_exclamation:

:innocent:May Buddha’s Teaching last long. Sādhu.