French suttas uploaded

I have uploaded a total of 301 French translations of the suttas of which 5 Dīgha Nikāya, 85 Saṃyutta Nikāya, 85 Aṅguttara Nikāya and 206 Khuddaka Nikāya. The translations are mainly translations from the English, but several are from the Pali. They are all taken from, which gratitude to the webmaster of this site!

You can see all the translations on


There are about another 800 suttas at


Wow, that’s great. Are you the webmaster for that site?
Would you like to do some coding for us?

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I am not very strong on coding, as I have worked only in html. What kind of work would it be?

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Only basic HTML :slight_smile:
You can see some examples of what we need here:

I can easily talk you through some of the basics.
We don’t use the notes / references on our texts, but you can add link to your own pages in the metadata area with a remark that the full text with notes can be found there.
The markup on your site seems to be very consistent, so if you know regular expressions, it should be fairly easy to convert.

That is probably doable. I might do the work slowly though as I would like to proof read myself before uploading to SC.


Great! And welcome to the team!
I’ll email you with some more details.

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Ayya @Vimala I can see the list of suttas but no links to the text. Example:


I cannot see the problem. The name of the sutta is the link.
But saying that, all that will be changed in the new site anyway. Soooonnnn … :slight_smile:

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Oh! I saw only the Pali titles at first, but now when I switched to desktop site the French titles finally appeared! Old phone also! I’m rather worried what else I will fail to see when you implement the new stuff that you’re working on! But good luck nevertheless! & thank you.

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Just try and the french translations are under the ‘More’ translations button like here: