Full contents of Wisdom Pubs Suttas available apparently!

Is this too good to be true? :grinning:

I just found out about this free Android App:
Theravada Buddhist Texts, by Sirimangalo International”:

Note: You can also get this working on a PC or laptop quite easily:

When I inspected the html contents of the .zip file (mentioned in the above link), it’s not clear who the translators are, of the English translations, but at first glance they appear to be Bhikkhu Bodhi, from the Wisdom Publications Nikayas!

It’s also not clear what copyrights, if any apply.

I feel like a kid in a Candy store. It would seem I can copy and paste these contents with reckless abandon, on my laptop, with no encumbrances (at least not technical ones).

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Bhante Yuttadhammo appears to have a knack for creating awesome tools.

I think there is most likely some level of copyright infringement

(Also, his meditation app is currently in beta testing for iOS, which is awesome! And it is quite pretty).

For any “power users” using Linux out there (I’m using Linux Mint), the AWESOME search utility, Recoll, can be wielded to quickly search through these html files, once locally downloaded. No offense, but Recoll does a much better job than the search bar on the suttacentral.net site, IMHO, when you’re trying to search for some phrase. It’s Open Source, as well. I like how it indexes only when you tell it to, so it’s not always chugging in the background, slowing down your computer. It works great, even on older, slower machines. A gem for any serious Pali-Canon-reading-and-studying Buddhist!

You can specify which folders to exclude from indexing in the “Preferences -> Indexing Configuration”:

Once the “index” is built (which might take a few minutes), you can perform lightning-fast searches, then scroll down through all the results very quickly (no matter how many), with just the “Page Down” key.

Enjoy! :grinning:

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found this collection as individual files some time ago by accident on a Burmese site through Google text search for Ven Bodhi’s translation, it’s uncertainty of its copyright status which kept me from sharing it

it indeed is organized quite neatly and would be even more awesome having an embedded Pali-English dictionary as SC does

was also nice to found out of being blocked by IP address (!) on DhammaWheel :mag: , apparently i’m a grave offender :gun: :imp:

This heading is pure DMCA bait! We’ll see if it attracts any loving attention …

It would be good if the PTS could be used instead since they are available for cc-by-nc use.

If anybody is ever interested, I can give a link with them for free. PM me