Full pāli versions

Hi! I have a brief question, is there any convenient way to access the full pāli versions of texts, even without the ‘pe…’ used for repetition? Is there an existing version like this, or were they written this way even on palm leaves? Sometimes I am curious to see which part exactly is repeated as sometimes it is unclear.

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Yes, it seems they’ve always been abbreviated in this way in all manuscript traditions. I know that some monks have produced their own fully-expanded versions of certain individual suttas, e.g., the ones that they like to chant regularly, but I’ve never heard of it being done with an entire nikāya. It would require a tremendous amount of work.


Indeed it did.

Since his site is a bit hard to navigate, let me explain: to access a certain sutta (let’s say MN 13) in Pāli, start at the master index, click the sutta of interest (in this case the “[13]” under MN) then click the bold title to get to the Pāli text (translation links are listed underneath). Hope that helps!


Amazing! I am grateful to the person who worked on this. I prefer Bodhi’s translation to the PTS, so I’ll keep both open as I study to cross-reference. :slight_smile:

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