Future Bhikkhu Bodhi translations


Does anyone know what he is working on nowadays? What would you want him to translate?


Either the Nikaya commentaries, the abidhamma or the Vinaya. Either because they haven’t been translated yet or because they could use an updated translation.


Venerable Brahmāli is currently retranslating the Vinayapiṭaka. The Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga is already available on Sutta Central.


Right then, so that leaves the Abidhamma and the sutta commentaries. Even if they aren’t perfect reflections of what the Buddha taught, they are still of historical importance for the development of Theravada and it is a shame that English speakers do not have access to them yet. It is essential to translate these for the preservation of the dhamma in the West imho.

I would also love to see the Chinese abidharmas translated. And Chinese commentaries on Āgamas translated. Slowly but surely we could begin developing a complete picture in the English language of not only early development of EBTs but mid- to later developments of EBTs as sectarian doctrines begin to form.

This could also be helpful for the study of the early emergence of Mahayana if we have a more complete picture of the state of EBTs on the ground at the time of mahayana’s emergence.


Of course we need a complete translation of the Chinese agamas and the Sanskrit and other language fragments before we focus on the commentaries available in Chinese. Just saying, we should value the importance of translating these commentaries as well.


Has the entire Khuddakanikāya been translated?


Recently, Bhikkhu Bodhi has just finished the Suttanipata translation