German translation of the Sangitiparyaya

So today I learned that there is a German translation of this early Sarvastivada Abhidhamma text:

Stache-Rosen, Valentina. Dogmatische Begriffsreihen im älteren Begriffsreihen im älteren Buddhismus. 2. Das Saṅgītisūtra und sein Kommentar Saṅgītisūtraparyāya. Nach Vorarbeiten von Kusum Mittal bearbeitet. 1-2. Sanskrittexte aus Turfanfunden 9. B. 1968.

Just wondering if anyone had a PDF of this…I don’t speak German but it would be cool to look at it, maybe through Google translate.

I think that’s the only Sarvastivada Abhidharma pitaka text that’s been translated into a Western language. Unless someone knows of others?


Swati Ganguly translated the Dhātukāya into English, too.

A good resource for finding European language translations from the Chinese canon is Bingenheimer’s bibliography project. But you’ll need to know the Taisho no. or Chinese title for a given text to find things quickly.