Getting the Mahasangiti Edition Tipitaka Files preferably in PDF format

Hello everybody.

Would it be possible to get the files of the Mahasangiti Tipitaka in different PDF files ? for eg. one file for Petakopadesa, other for the Majjhima Nikaya.

Otherwise html files would suffice as well.


We would really love to support this, and it is on our to-do list for next year.

You can make a PDF yourself, but it’s going to be some hard work. Otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have to wait, sorry.

Bhante where do I find the html files ?

You can find the source HTML files here:

But if you want to start with the text as used on Suttacentral—with our numbering conventions, etc.—then do as follows.

It’s more complicated to start with, but much more flexible. Don’t be intimidated, it’s not as bad as it looks! Also, remember that if using the raw MS files was a pleasant experience, we would have done it ourselves!

  • Clone Bilara-data: GitHub - suttacentral/bilara-data: Content for Bilara translation webapp.
  • set up Bilara i/o (see README
  • extract whatever text you want with whatever data you want (notes, variants, etc.)
  • That gives you all the text and HTML in a spreadsheet.
  • manipulate and export as you wish.
  • I’d convert the HTML to LaTeX for printing. Having said which, if you are willing to forgo some niceties like justification and hyphenation, it is possible to do quite reasonable book typesetting in just HTML and CSS these days.

It has gotten much more possible yes. I wish the Paged media standard were more supported. That would allow for things like printing books with running headers. Doesn’t seem like browser vendors care about it much. :man_shrugging: