Gold and silver is not money?

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Is there jataruparajata used in nissagiya 19. No. Only in nissagiya 18.

If you suggest to close this thread than you answer me :
you say Jataruparajata is well translated into money and you say also Rupiya is well translated into money

If you were right:

So that,

  • Nissagiya Paccitiya 18 *
    you say:

A monk does not accept * money. *

  • Nissagiya Paccitiya 19 * you say:

A monk cannot use * money.*

That is a paradoxical form of translation because it must be * wrong. *

If you can’t receive money, how come there are events using money?

In other words, if there is the present of nissagiya 18 then nissagiya 19 should not even exist .


Okay I’m done, sorry… :sweat_smile:


Please, if I am wrong , then you will find a single word of ‘Jatarupattajata’ on Paccitiya 19, not only in Paccitya 18.

The title is Rupiya for both nissagiya paccitiya 18 and 19, because Rupiya should be translated into ‘medium of exchange’ instead of ‘money’

The rule used and formulated by Buddha is different,:
Nissagiya 18 : Jataruparajata
Nissagiya 19: Rupiyasamvoharang

Do you see … ?


If you close this thread that is debatabled after I have tried years to bring to the group sources and proof on newest posting but you dont appreciate my work.

Just show me… which part of my newest post is wrong. If you dont show me, I am dissapointing. You are like a dictator, you dont like it , you close the argument, you dont show me which part, and provide me the part that you think I am wrong.


You ad hominen me and then I tell you to show which part of my newest posting you think I am wrong, and now I am still waiting, and now you want to close the thread?


Hi there

Relax. You have presented your perspective on the topic.

Let people take their time to consider and choose what they want to do with the information.

You need to be prepared to not be able to convince people.

If you are a bhikkhu/bhikkhuni, feel free to join a monastic community with a similar view about the issue.

If you are not a bhikkhu/bhikkhuni, leave to the relevant monastic communities to decide on their preferred interpretation, translation and praxis of the rule.

Remember, virtue is for the sake of freedom of regret and anxiety.
If we make a huge fuss of how to put in practice a rule we may be working against what the rule was firstly intended to address.

Be well, keep in mind the Triple Gem, the Four Noble Truths and relax. You deserve it!


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