Good dental health

With many aged relatives, many of who eat with difficulty because of poor dental health, I wanted to share this very useful tip.

You have to spend the same amount of time and energy to brush your teeth, floss, etc, so you should do it right after you eat, not 8 hours later or right before you go to bed. The longer you wait, the longer the food has to fester and feed the pathogens that lead to poor dental health.

Poor dental health, especially in the USA is incredibly expensive to repair, so if you can take really good take care of your teeth, you’ll save a lot of money and pain. I carry around my tooth brush with me if I’m eating out of my normal setting.

This is a lot like 4 noble truths in general. The more quickly you can arrest akusala thoughts/activity and stamp it out, the better you can prevent a forest fire.


Interesting. It was suggested to me some time ago that, at least with acidic foods, it is best to wait for a couple of hours as brushing immediately after may lead to a higher risk of enamel wear.

Either way, valuable topic, thanks.

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So as a lay person, that makes me think I ought to offer lots of toothbrushes and floss to the Sangha!!


There’s a sutta for that!

AN 5.208:

There are these five benefits of using chew sticks. What five? It’s good for your eyes, you don’t get bad breath, your taste-buds are cleaned, bile and phlegm don’t cover your food, and food agrees with you.

Oh, and we can add this to the list of things where the Buddha anticipated science:

Chewing stick has revealed parallel and at times greater mechanical and chemical cleansing of oral tissues as compared to a toothbrush.