Got any idea for a digital analysis of the EBTs?

Whoah, hadn‘t thought of that at all. That might complicate things immensely… Still, could we assume that if the most senior person addressed is some king or other, it would probably be a „king“ teaching, and if the person addressed is Sariputta or Mahamogallana, it would probably be a „monastic“ teaching?

Glad I can help. :sweat_smile: Seriously, though, that would be awesome. 90% should be fine, Digital Humanities people are big on „distant reading“.

An early attempt at speaker identification for any speech in MN and DN, and locations where/mentioned for each sutta is present here, as promised! I will try to work on AN and SN this week. It will not be correct, but mostly is okay. I have placed warning labels all around the files.

@jonas if you want to use the “who_mentioned” and “who_else_present” fields as well as the segment ID-only fields you’ll need to split them by comma at the moment, there should be no commas inside names. I’ll keep using this format for the other two Nikayas so you should have some data for all 4 Nikayas.


The speakers and places inside SN is now up on the above github and other suttas in MN have been fixed up. I’ve done a for amount of manual checking too. Much more difficult than the first two, that’s for sure!

It’s done! And just in time for the deadline, phew! Apologies for the quality - I should have realized from the get-go that doing this right would have taken an entire semester exclusively dedicated to coding lessons and reading up on the religious scholarship literature :sweat_smile: Please treat this as the uninformed dabbling that it is.

paper_anon.pdf (206.6 KB)