Gratitude and Self Compassion

To me, it seems that our old teacher the Buddha is the single greatest individual figure of all remembered time. He is not only one of the most known figures of all time, but also among these the only one who’s life and message is about the fact of change,sensation,suffering within every one and the fact that this reality can be removed completely ( Of course, little by little perhaps over an unimaginable amount of time for all of us today but a different story entirely for his direct disciples in his day. ) If anyone here has seriously practiced body sensation based insight purification you have probably had this visceral intuition of a real liberation being possible within, although perhaps extremely, extremely hard and very far away. Infinite gratitude toward our old, truly Blessed One, and to the modern insight meditation movement. Of course fortune, grace and balance are huge, if not the biggest element in the Buddha’s teaching, so be grateful and infinitely humble. Metta.