Greco-Dhamma? Language? Script?

The Bactrian and Kashmiri Greco-Buddhists may well have been very involved in the proliferation and formation of what would eventually come to be known as historical and modern Mahāyāna Buddhism, but, as we know from the Gāndhārī (and related) finds, there was also a proliferation of EBTs in the area, along with (we can assume) older forms of practice informed by those very EBTs.

Out of curiosity, is there any literary attestation to the Dhamma in Greek or Greek script from this time period in these places? These kingdoms tended to speak Indo-Aryan languages, but I can’t imagine Greek was entirely lost in the former Alexandrine Kingdoms, and in addition, there was travel and close ties (for the ancient world) between India and Greece (particularly via Alexandria). I know some Buddhist documents (or documents about Buddhists, one of the two) arise in Greece after a time, but I am wondering if Greek was ever in the running to become a “Dharma language”?


Only the Ashokan edicts, so far as I know, of which a few are in Greek. They contain Greek renderings of some terms like dharma, but no long passages.