Greetings! My introduction

Greetings to all in this forum ! My name is Gaurav and I’m from India. I have been fascinated by the Buddha’s teachings since we had a topic on him during the school days. I turned to the Internet to learn more about him and his doctrine, and was really impressed by his method and style of teaching. I also used to read about other religious philosophies, mostly Hindu and Jain, which all the more contrasted Buddha’s philosophy from them, due to his radical world view! Most of my online source for reading the suttas was the Access to Insight website, of which I got the Android app for offline reading. My knowledge of Buddhism is mostly because of the Pali canon; I haven’t read other canons yet. I am beginner but I think I understand the core teachings fairly well. I wanted to introduce myself before starting any discussion topic.
Hoping forward to take my knowledge and faith even further and deeper with spiritual friends like you :blush:


Welcome to the forum @Modernupasaka. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, it’s great to have you here. I’m sure your background knowledge in Jain and Hindu philosophies will be useful too. May your time on the forum be fruitful, full of wisdom and a source of spiritual friendship. :smiley:


Welcome to the forum and thanks for introducing yourself. If anything puzzles you about how to use it you can ask a question generally and with something tricky mention @moderators for help. :smiley:


Thank you so much for the warm welcome :blush:
Metta :pray:


Isn’t it great. This website brings us together. Welcome. I’m from Caribbean. New here also. All the best for you!