Guarding against irritability in thought?

What do Elders say. Share anything about it. Thank you.

Much metta

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As long as the irritability isn’t leading to breaking the precepts, that is a tremendous success.


Having eliminated it from speech and action and confined anger to mind, the practitioner then proceeds to the final task:

" The three divisions of the Noble Eightfold Path provide the check against this threefold layering of the defilements. The first, the training in moral discipline, restrains unwholesome bodily and verbal activity and thus prevents defilements from reaching the stage of transgression. The training in concentration provides the safeguard against the stage of manifestation. It removes already manifest defilements and protects the mind from their continued influx. But even though concentration may be pursued to the depths of full absorption, it cannot touch the basic source of affliction — the latent tendencies lying dormant in the mental continuum. Against these concentration is powerless, since to root them out calls for more than mental calm. What it calls for, beyond the composure and serenity of the unified mind, is wisdom (pañña), a penetrating vision of phenomena in their fundamental mode of being."

—Bikkhu Bodhi

The final task would be correcting view, detachment from conventional reality. Part of that is the cultivation of the four brahma-viharas being the Theravada social attitudes of non-attachment.


The practice of loving kindness mindfulness towards oneself (which is mindfulness of mind) aims to counter aversion and irritation. Regular practice makes it an automatic reaction to stress and irritation.

Loving kindness is one of the four protective recollections for Dhamma practice along with recollections of death (to counter delusion), repulsiveness of the body (to counter greed), the Buddha (to encourage confidence and courage).

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Its like you knew what I needed to understand. What happend to me. Is that before stroke I was a calm person. After a stroke inner anger from childhood traumas etc. Old patterns comes back. So I am dealing with that. And yesterday. I was blessed to see another view of some of them.

And I am sharing so it helps other.

I think its all we need. In my case then. There many fearful moments. That was turned into anger.

So I had to think the right way to see those moments.
All of them start with some thoughts of us being worried. So stressful of the change that is going on.

As Buddha said. They robbed me. Etc

It can be any thought that is ends with’ME’

You have to go back through the memories of your childhood and ask mentally what thought started the fear.

And then when see most. You feel so relieved that it only started with thoughts. So you know you where misunderstanding what happened. We focus too much on the acts. We truly need to go deeper. Thanks my friend. You helped me so much in past. :pray:

I woke up this morning in Aruba. Im on my bed. Saw your post. And see it as confirmation last night I did good.

Much metta

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It’s not me, the mind of the Buddha is beyond all conventional thought patterns.

" 93. He whose cankers are destroyed and who is not attached to food, whose object is the Void, the Unconditioned Freedom — his path cannot be traced, like that of birds in the air."

—Dhammapada ch. 7


Indeed my friend. :pray:

If I see Dhamma. I see Buddha.

Maybe I always forgot to always start with myself. And I think stroke has pushed me so much toward loosing everything to focus on myself

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