Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Day was
yesterday actually !
This is a bit late wishes though !
Some celebrate it on the
1st Sunday of August
or 30 July of each year .
Anyway ,
Happy Friendship Day to all !
To all dhamma comrades !

May you all be well and happy !
Advance on the path !


Hey james, may you be happy too!

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Friendship need not be limited to one day. Having it for a day is good as a reminder, but it also helps to monetize friendship as then it would need to be commemorated!

It would be nicer to be fairly constant, rather than intermittently or in bursts!

with metta,

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That’s for sure , yet ,
No matter how you try to be nice and friendly , there will still be other voices.
Just the other day there were some voice said that this forum is not a place to make friend.
Nvm , It’s just a friendly gesture !

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