Happy World Mental Health Day 2021!

Note: I am unaffiliated with this organisation. I just thought that it looks nice!

Happy World Mental Health Day, People!

I hope that everyone is happy and well. Do reach out to someone if you need help. You are not alone with your problems! It’s okay not to be okay! Life can be difficult but I am sure that there is always a way out of every situation, no matter how hard they seem to be. It will all be well! :blush:

Perhaps it would be good if you readers could drop some comforting words in this thread for people who need to listen to them as they face their darkest hours. It might also be good if you could provide some tips on seeking professional help or self-help. I believe that this would turn this thread into a wholesome place which would benefit many! Thank you!

Edit: In keeping with the rules, try not to discuss personal issues. (Refer to Mod’s reply below). Thanks.

Best Wishes


While the spirit behind this thread is much appreciated, participants may please keep in mind the following advice from the FAQ while framing skillful responses. Let’s keep this discussion meaningful, without getting (too) personal! Thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q8 Why don’t you allow discussion of Personal practice, personal problems or diet and medical issues?

A : This forum is not a support group. Moderators cannot ensure that your personal revelations will be well received by the community. It is not possible to render meaningful assistance on such issues through the modality of an anonymous Internet forum! If it is really necessary to discuss such topics, it should be done with reference to generalities, such as would be found in a book or in a Dhamma talk. Alternatively, those interested in such conversation can use the Personal Message (PM) feature to discuss among themselves.

The internet should not be anyone’s prime source of information or advice. Apparently simple life hacks such as diet, exercise and meditation can often produce adverse effects, and sometimes even be life-threatening. Users should always contact their own doctors, dietitians, therapists and spiritual advisors before embarking on any course of action which could potentially be hazardous to their physical or mental health.


Thank you for the reminder, Mod!

I just want to say thank you to people who struggle with mental health issues and to mental health professionals for shedding light into aspects of ourselves that are not easily understood. Your patience and resilience is worthy of respect. :heart: