Has anyone organized every EBT by topic?

Has anyone organized every EBT by topic? Six sense bases, aggregates, eight-fold path, etc…?
Sorry if this is a dumb question and I have overlooked something very obvious.
Like a close example would be ‘access-to-insight’, but there are times when I have been going through topics on that site and have seen some seemingly important ‘Sutta’ content missing.


You mean like an index? I’m working on one that I hope will be more extensive than the AccessToInsight indexs (which will not be hard to do, lol) and even a bit more comprehensive than the indexes in the back of the Wisdom editions.

It’s far enough along that it could be useful, but it’s still in an early draft and far from complete. I won’t post the link publicly, but if folks would be interested in using it and offering feedback on the experience you can pm me.

That said, it’s still going to be an index and not a word concordance. It also won’t have a locator (aka citation) for every single occurrence of a topic in the EBTs. It won’t, therefore be a dataset (which I would never want to create for reasons) but rather a way for people to find the teaching that they need, which is all I care about. It’s not useful for someone to have to sort through 10 citations to basically identical teachings, and it’s not possible to classify the minor differences in a way that would not be cumbersome. Someone needing a comprehensive list of occurrences would simply need to use a tool like the DPR once they figure out the Pali of what they are searching for.

I believe that Bhante Sujato has also proposed the creation of segmented offset files for the suttas (like variant readings and footnotes). I think that might also be useful, but my project is very much not that.