Has French translator C. Maes passed away?

I find myself unable to contact Christian Maes, the person who has provided French translations of MN for SC, through his usual mailbox. Also the website from which his translations have been retrieved has been down for several months now.
And last but not least there is an obituary ( https://www.simplifia.fr/avis-de-deces/christian-maes-toulon )for a person bearing that name and roughly the age of our translator dating back to April 2017. I suspect it was him, but it is difficult to reach any certainty because he had a few homonyms. Does anyone have any clue about the situation?


Hello @silence,

Iā€™m not sure this is the same Christian, from what I could gather online about Christian Maes (translator) is a birth year of 1943 [1][2].

Whilst the obituary you kindly provided references a birth date of 1948-06-26, with the cremation taking place in Toulon (if this helps).

[1] http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb14437902w
[2] http://data.bnf.fr/14437902/christian_maes/


Well spotted, thank you.

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Please let us know if you find anything out.

In case you are interested I can search via the phone directory, and call out to see if I can luckily stumbled upon Mr Maes.

FYI there are 35 registered Christian Maes in only 3 regions!

Nord-Pas de Calais is northern France, Rhone Alpes is the Alpes region and Bretagne is the western tip of France.

I had an exchange of emails with him two days ago. Kris is well.


Nice to learn that. He seems to be hard to reach these days.

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