Have Buddha really mentioned about the classification of Catuvokārabhava?

I am thinking about have Buddha really mention about the Nine types of Bhava in the early buddhist text? Especially the classification of Ekavokārabhava, Catuvokārabhava, and Pañcavokārabhava. Because currently I have just only found those classification in Abhidhamma Vibhaṅga- Paṭiccasamuppādavibhaṅga and KN-Mahāniddesapāḷi. Thanks! :grin:


The last 4 are the Catuvokārabhava,

The one before that (There are sentient beings that are non-percipient and do not experience anything, such as the gods who are non-percipient beings. ), which has only form is ekavokārabhava

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Thankyou so much Bhante! sadhu sadhu! Will like to ask is there anymore sutta also have mentioned about this? :thinking: thanks!

I recommend reading the Buddhist cosmos book THE BUDDHIST COSMOS

Find “pañca kappasatāni” in this vinaya rule.

The book above explains that the 500 eons he recalled is one life, but it’s of the body only realm, no mind.

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also the above.

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Thankyou so much! sadhu sadhu sadhu! :grin: :pray: