Have humans hijacked the mind to stop perceiving deep integrated ancestors beliefs?

Arahants and Buddha keeps getting the results of kamma.

What if in the time of Buddha his acceptance of mental phenomena existence. (gods like Indra etc not including devadatas. ) was because they appeared to the mind because in the time of Buddha humanity still had it deeply integrated in the mind and body that it was actually treated by each as a meditators personal experience. Where the mind it still creating the instances that gods appear to you.

So the Yogacara saw them as mind created. But they taught that it actually is not a real phenomena. They appear as part of the mind process

Now that humanity as we are in western society could it be that we have hijacked the mind not to create these delights in gods anymore?

Another phenomena. Research in near death experiences in modern times. The person always mention that they see a god or deity related to their faith. I saw a documentary once. Interesting food for thought. Maybe it actually strong faith in the time of Buddha that makes it possible for a person to experience the same type of near death experiences where whatever strong faith you had the mind creates the phenomena based on that faith.

The deva system has been replaced by modern psychology as a way to explain the influences on the mind. It does not rely on personification of feelings, motivations and aspirations and is impersonal. Buddhist doctrine is now having an effect on western psychology, and Ven. Analayo’s academic papers are contributing to that, and most of this work focuses on mindfulness which is of particular interest to western psychology now.

Let me understand this. With this you mean that it doesn’t have to with faith like I said.

The documentary clearly showed people from different faiths. And this actually people that died. That’s what I mean with near death.

If it was someone Christian. They said to their family they see Jesus.

If it was Hindu with a belief in Ganesh, they will say to the family, they see that.

And there was more

The ancestors belief is so integrated that even a atheist said to see something related to the parents faith. (So childhood belief)

So which is the Bhikkhu Analayo book?

I have rebirth. I’m not talking about that. Rebirth doesn’t means gods or deity is out there :joy:

But like I mentioned at the post not including Devadatas. Because that’s the real rebirth spirits. I have seen one in the past. And there is weird things happening also in my current apartment. These and all higher devadatas are still human spirits. And should not be counted as gods or deities

But here I’m talking about any faith our ancestors had in gods or deities.