Hello everyone, just to introduce myself

Hello everyone,
Just to introduce myself on my first post. I’ve been following this forum for sometime now and thought I should just say hi :wave:t4:
Been a Dhamma practitioner for close to 20 years or so and still on that journey as nothing else I know of helps me make sense of myself and cope with the world around me.

I came to Buddhism by way of reading the suttas ( and reading ancient, archived copies of BPS Wheel and Bodhi Leaves publications in the stacks of Robarts Library when I was supposed to be studying for exams :blush:). Started off reading the old PTS translations but then found it easier to read Ven.(s) Nyantiloka, Nyanaponika and Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translations. Now with this wonderful gift to the world, suttacentral, I gladly distract myself reading even a small passage at least once a day , thank you Ajahn Sujato and the entire suttacentral team :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Much metta to all


( I have a 13 year old Ficus religiosa mini-tree in my house who I thought would be honoured to be chosen as my pseudonym :blush:)


Welcome Ficus! May your leaves grow long and broad, bringing joy to all those nearby!


Hey Ficus, welcome, and thanks for the kind words! Be safe, be happy, and may nibbana fall into your lap!


Welcome to the forum @Ficus - or should I say, thank you for making yourself known :smiley:

We look forward to seeing you around on the boards. If you should have any questions or if we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask moderators

Thanks also for bringing it to peoples attention, that there are so many ‘silent’ users of the forum :pray: This is an important point, that isn’t obvious on the surface, and drives many moderator decisions. We always keep in mind the ‘whole’ community, those who post and the vast majority who participate silently.

With much metta
:slight_smile: :pray: :sunflower:


Thank you karl_lew, Ajahn Sujato and Viveka for your kind wishes and sentiments :pray:t3:
I am just figuring out the nuts and bolts of using the forum and hope to participate more. Some textual topics are beyond my understanding but I enjoy reading and learning. It is encouraging to follow along as discussions are pretty civil and focused here as opposed to social media, for example.
I have been browsing the forum for at least a year or two, and am sure I am not alone.

Much metta to all…

P.S. @karl_lew. My potted Bo tree has made it so far despite 13 Canadian winters, two toddlers and a large cat trying to climb it to get my attention. Still faithfully awakens each summer and grows very large leaves :blush::seedling:


Just for information -

Yesterday there were 1,308 casual users (not-members) and 2,215 logged in members.

Of that number only 50 were ‘active’ by making either a comment or giving a ‘like’.

It’s good to put it into perspective :smiley:


Hello Ficus. I’m so pleased that you’ve decided to join us.


Hi. You made me laugh. :pray:t4: post sounded joyful. :hugs: :globe_with_meridians: