Hells and Skies

Nice to have found your page!
I have difficulty with English. I appreciate if anyone can help.
It makes me well know everything related to the cosmos.
Hells and skies in this same plane and in others.
Created these by Karma and also changed by own decision (Action, consequence).
It has reached my LOKA-LOKA (31 planes of existence, 11 Kalamaloka, 16 Rupaloka, 4 arupa-loka).
Also the eight inopportune places of rebirth, Paccantaro, Arupino, Vitalingo, Assañenasatta, Micca-Ditti, Peta-loka, Tiracchana-yoni and Niraya. Which I greatly appreciate.
Also lack of knowledge with the following concepts: KAPPA, DHATU, VIÑÑANA.TTHHITI, APAYA, AKASA, KHANDA, SUDDHAVASA, AND JHANA.
Above all thank you for your advice on how to approach the subject and your patience for my slow language. Have health and peace, peace and peace.