Help add resources!

Thank you, Bhante, my thoughts exactly. I just wanted to make sure the total upload size was not an issue before I start.

I have started posting separate threads for each topic and edited the above examples accordingly.


… I have found some resources for AV on youtube which i am enjoying. Before I start uploading or posting links per OP, it would help to be reassured it’s appropriate material.

Ajahn Sona’s video series
My Life, My Practice. Interviews with monastics and teachers it seems

Ajahn Sona’s Dhama talks on a large variety of topics

Ajahn Sona’s talk at Stanford which is partly autobiographical

I have searched for Sona on SC and found it only as historical reference in EBTs and in Discussion.

or with the topic unpinned, should i leave this for another time well after the party I mean update? ty

Sure, that would be lovely.

You can share it in the AV category. If you put the link to the video on it’s own line it will expand and should show the video.

ok tyvm will be adding one by one each with its own post.

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Unfortunately i am unable to do this at this time. Will return to it if I can, but please do not hesitate to do this for self suttacentral or sangha if inspired.

Regret but cannot at this time due to health flareup.