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I know I’ve read a sutta where a monk says to the Buddha that he feels he’s recognized self-view, but that there remains a residue or shadow (I can’t remember the image) that remains. And, I think, the Buddha concurs and explains how the self-view of stream entry is not the same as the release that occurs when the last two fetters are released. Can someone help me find that sutta again? Many thanks.

This may be the sutta you’re thinking of: SN22.89

Although a noble disciple has given up the five lower fetters, they still have a lingering residue of the conceit ‘I am’, the desire ‘I am’, and the underlying tendency ‘I am’ which has not been eradicated. Kiñcāpi, āvuso, ariyasāvakassa pañcorambhāgiyāni saṁyojanāni pahīnāni bhavanti, atha khvassa hoti: ‘yo ca pañcasu upādānakkhandhesu anusahagato asmīti māno, asmīti chando, asmīti anusayo asamūhato. After some time they meditate observing rise and fall in the five grasping aggregates. —‘Such is form, such is the origin of form, such is the ending of form. Such is feeling … … Such is perception … … Such are choices … … Such is consciousness, such is the origin of consciousness, such is the ending of consciousness.’ iti viññāṇaṁ, iti viññāṇassa samudayo, iti viññāṇassa atthaṅgamo’ti. As they do so, that lingering residue is eradicated.

Hope this is helpful!

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Thank you so much! Yes indeed this is it!.. the image I partly remembered was ‘the scent of a flower’ and "residue’ of ‘I am’. Thanks again. So wonderful to have a place to get help when a sutta is partly remembered but I’m not sure how to find it.

With gratitude

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