Help Needed by a Householder vague on sutta IDs

On page 578 of Wisdom Publishers Book of the Connected Discourses of the Buddha is a section called The Householder/ 41 Five Fearful Animosities. In note 119 on page 761 it is suggested there is a passage that should be added.

I am having an inexplicable problem with trying to find this text on the internet in PDF form. I go to the sections appropriate in different versions and there doesn’t seem to be a 41 or a Householder at that position in the text. I don’t know why I’m so lost.

Please point me to a copy of this text and also School me and some of these descriptions of sections and subsections of subsections. Thank you very much.

Do you mean Samyutta Nikaya 41, Citta the householder? This refers to an individual layperson skilled in the dhamma to the extent of teaching monks.

The Householder Anāthapindika is being adressed by the Blessed One. Samyutta Nikaya, Part II, 12 on Causation, V the Householder, 41 Five Fearful Animosities.

The next sutta, 42 is the same but addressed to “a number of Bhikkhus”. I believe there is a version of this at AN 55:28.


Sutta citations can be confusing! Lets walk through things.

A more concise way to refer to this sutta is SN 12.41. That’s what SuttaCentral uses. I reluctantly call this format the “modern system.” The older Asian system might have called this sutta SN The PTS (Pali Text Society) system (which is also quite old!) would use SN ii 68.

It’s useful to know that when Bhante Bodhi published his translation of the SN, there was no modern translation of the AN. So in his notes he uses the PTS system:


So now we need to go hunting for AN v 183. We know this is the PTS system because it’s the only one that uses roman numerals.

In Bhante Bodhi’s translation of the AN, the PTS page numbers are both in the header (after the volume number) as well as embedded in the text:

2023-05-16 08_14_18-The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha_ A Complete Translation of the Anguttara

So there you go. It’s on page 1462 in the Wisdom Pubs edition. In the “modern” citation system we can refer to AN10.92


Wonderful little primer.

Soooo… each page in Widsom edition displays its own notation and inserts PTS edition as well,… as this new “modern” edition citation format ? Still a little lost but MUCH better.


Nice explainer, Ven.

So many numbers! I’ve been looking more at Sanskrit texts recently, and it seems that the modern editions all have standardized section sections. You don’t have to worry about what edition or translation. I’m always puzzled as to why the Pali field just never took such an obvious, well-established approach.


Yeah, basically. It almost has all three systems. The 5 in the Asian system is the “V” in the " V the Householder" bit. And the first 1 is that 1 in parens after the 41.

But the final (1) after “Animosities” is just a shorthand for “The First Discourse on Five Fearful Animosities.”

Yeah, it’s a lot of numbers.

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