Help Using This Odd Reference To Find A Sutta

In regards to this sutta translation from Bhikkhu Bodhis’ “In The Buddhas Words”:

"These three things, monks, are conducted in secret, not openly.

What three? Affairs with women, the mantras of the brahmins, and
wrong view.

“But these three things, monks, shine openly, not in secret. What
three? The moon, the sun, and the Dhamma and Discipline proclaimed
by the Tathagata.”

(AN 3:129; 1282)

I went to the Anguratta page on and didn’t see how the citation above can map to what is here.

Thanks much for any help

For some suttas, SuttaCentral redirects towards this website (for now):
The sutta is at number 9 (or 132 using the other notation on the webpage):

9 Paṭicchannasuttaṃ - The covered up

132 Bhikkhus, these three are carried away covered, not openly. What three? Women are carried away covered not openly. Brahmanical mutterings are done under cover and Wrong view is covered not made manifest.

Bhikkhus, these three when made manifest shine. What three?

Bhikkhus, the moon shines when manifest, the sun shines when manifest and the Teaching and Discipline declared by the Thus Gone One shines when manifest and not when covered. These three shine when manifest and not when covered.

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So using conventional notation it would AN 132?

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In SuttaCentral the reference would be AN3.131 (Paṭicchanna Sutta)

I suppose that 9 & 132 might correspond to classifications used in another system or publications, but I don’t know which ones…

The Pali version is on SuttaCentral here: