Help wanted for Buddhist website

A Vietnamese Buddhist temple in Australia would like to have a website to serve the Vietnamese community here and abroad. They need someone to help them build the site.
The Abbot of this community is a leader in Buddhism in Australia. The Sangha of this temple works very hard to unite and serve the Buddhist community. This temple also raises funds for disaster relief (for example, the Nepal earthquake, the bushfires in Kinglake etc…)
If anyone would like to help with this website please PM me. Note, it’s not necessary to speak Vietnamese for this project.


I hope you find someone, Ayya.

Meanwhile, may I take this chance to restate a warning, for whoever develops this or other Buddhist websites. Don’t assume that because this is Buddhism and we’re nice and friendly that you don’t have to worry about security. Websites associated with Buddhism or Buddhist cultures in any way are regularly targeted for attack by Islamist extremist hackers. Hundreds of sites have been compromised, including government sites in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

For anyone running a Buddhist site, please ensure that you use the best security measures you can against DDoS attacks and similar hacks.


is there such a thing as Buddhist hackers i wonder?

The Islamist hackers claim that they are responding to aggression by Buddhist hackers. This may well be true, but I haven’t seen any evidence of it. Having said which, I would be surprised if there weren’t Buddhist hackers engaging in this, but to what extent they are organized or effective I could not say. is pretty good to use for DDOS and other kinds of security, they still offer free accounts I think.

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Yes, we use Cloudflare, it helps. :relieved:

that would just look and feel odd, the two words somehow don’t gel with each other for me

I don’t quite see how they are any less appropriately combined than “Islamic hackers”.


harmlessness is one of the core ethical postulates of the Buddhadhamma as applied to another

Sure, but while admittedly not being an scholar of Islam, I don’t think hacking is a principle of the Islam any more than it is of the Buddhism. If someone hacks while claiming to be Buddhist it seems reasonable to call them a Buddhist hacker, just as when someone claiming to be Muslim hacks is called an Islamic hacker.


the ethos of Islam is profoundly and strikingly different from the dhammic that’s why the word combination featuring Islam is more palatable, if not natural, than that featuring Buddhism

designation oneself Buddhist apparently is not a qualifying criteria for affiliation, it’s compliance with the dhammic ethos which defines one as a Buddhist (i’m speaking of the earliest known type of Buddhism)

similarly hacking in the name of Islam is not, so far as i’m aware, at odds with Islamic ideology, and thus a Muslim inflicting harm on infidels would qualify as a faithful follower of the religion, in at least one of its aspects

Any resources for developing good video content for websites?

These are pretty massive caveats that don’t really make for an ideal basis of exploring the point satisfactorily. To my own tastes, I’ll go with simply calling a hacker a hacker and recognising harmful activity as unfortunate and doomed.


Have you found anyone yet?

EDIT: oops, I didn’t realize this post was from January of last year. :confused: