Help with Hindi Suttas


Hi Luv,

That’s so wonderful, I am glad to hear it. Our Hindi text projects have, unfortunately become stop and start, so I am always delighted to hear of a new attempt.

To start readings of the suttas would be wonderful, congratulations. We have a few people here who have delved into this area in English, so perhaps you might want to contact them on the forum.

Just so you know, we do plan to offer audio support for sutta readings on SC, but it is not in our immediate scope. All going well, perhaps in 2019. Ultimately, you should be able to say, “Alexa, read me a sutta” and away you go!

I have arrived at Bodhinyana in Perth just a few days ago, where there is an Indian monk, Ven Nibbuto, who helped get these files together some years ago. I haven’t had the chance to chat with him yet, but I’ll see if he’s able to help out.


Namaste Abhinav,

You can convert them to editable form with ZamZar:


Thank you, Ajahn Sujato. It will be my great pleasure to connect with Bhante Nibbuto.

Great to know about your sutta reading app plans. I am a beginner in Data Science and would definitely like to keep in touch.

I just opened a few files. It’s quite a different experience reading the suttas in one’s mother tongue. Like Abhinav said, there are some conjoined words and I see some punctuations (matra) missing. I’ll definitely have to keep a dictionary ready as literary Hindi sometimes has difficult words. Also, I’ll be sure to compare with the English versions to verify if the overall theme is faithful.

Btw, have you also contacted the late Bhante Buddharakkhita’s monastery in Bangalore (Mahabodhi Bangalore). The last time I went there in late 2014 they mentioned an ambitious project to translate the Tipitaka to all Indian regional languages.



I’m wondering whether it would be worth doing an editorial project to address these issues; or whether it would be better to try to get more modern translations.

In fact we have. One of the monks here, Ven Bodhidhaja, has stayed there and knows the monastery well. But we have fallen out of touch these past couple of years. Maybe it’s time to contact them again!


Greetings Bhante @sujato,

I have familiarity with Hindi language and am happy to proofread and correct the existing versions, starting with MN ones that are uploaded on SuttaCentral. Is it possible to get the PDF/scanned versions of the texts (DN and MN) that you shared with the vendor. That will ensure that my corrections remain faithful to Rahul Sankrityayan’s phenomenal work!

I happen to have a software background and so have cloned and examined the sc-data repository and figured out where to make the changes. Sometime this month I should be sending some pull requests.

I’ve also examined the attachments you uploaded on this thread and am thrilled to find that the rest of MN suttas (MN 80 onwards) and all of AN are available as typed docx files. After proof-reading the existing uploads, I plan to add the remaining MN suttas, assign Sutta numbers to the AN docs and create html files for them.

@Abhinav: The Hindi PDFs that you refer to, are they the works of Rahul Sankrityayan (DN, MN) and Bhante Anand Kausalyayan (for AN) or some other authors? If you have the correct authors, could you please share those with me? I can be reached at [my_firstname].[my_lastname]



Thanks so much! I have been working with Ven Nibbuto of Bodhinyana, who has helped to source and review the Hinsi texts. Unfortunately he has limited internet access. But anyway, let’s get started!

Maybe we could have a chat via skype or something?


I apologize for replying very late since I didn’t visit this forum.

Yes, these are the same authors. Below is the link for various books of Hindi Tipitaka which has been translated from Pali and which I compiled from a website.

With regards, Abhinav!bKgXnYKB!q0hUmsfOyZNtlvTBfKx2yA


Nice to have you back, Abhinav.


Thanks Abhinav, the collection there is quite complete and some of the scans will be helpful in our proof-reading work.