Help with sutta IDs needed

Yes, I can very well relate to this, and the only reason I am able to find my way through it is that I have listened to many talks by Bhante Sujato on this matter and read much of his writings. The organization of the texts on SC nicely mirrors the way the canon is organized, and once one has understood this it becomes actually easy to find one’s way through it. At least that’s my experience.

There are a number of guiding and introductory texts that can be accessed from the SC home page which I haven’t actually all gone through. But if you scroll a little down until you find “Tipiṭaka—the three baskets” and click on “More” in the “Discourses” section you find some explanation the fourth chapter of which may be helpful in this context. :pray:


One of our aims is to translate this, but it is not so easy as one might think. How do we translate “Digha Nikaya” vs. “Dirgha Agama”. Not only that, but how do we do it in such a way that the translated title is more helpful than the original?

Just spitballing here, I wonder if we could do something like this.

Make a new page for SC, call it maxi-menu. But it is not a sidebar or dropdown, it is a full page.

The maxi-menu has everything the sidebar does. But it also has translations of titles and descriptions of each volume.

The sidebar stays exactly as it is; that’s one of the advantages of having a sidebar. But the maxi-menu is something like a set of training wheels.

(Perhaps there’s a way of linking the two: if you’re open on the maxi-menu, and you hover over an item, it opens and highlights the corresponding item in the sidebar?)


Humph, it’s not like this wasn’t pointed out before! :grin:

Little did I know what I was letting myself in for!!!