Hey I got some Vipassana, and it's on sale!

One of the most dangerous and detrimental evolutions of the practice that seems to have taken place over the past 20 years, is what the Vipassana movement has become when combined with consumerism. It seems that “insight” is this elusive thing that everyone is after, and even retreats and books, courses and classes, they all advertise, “learn how to gain amazing insights!” “New teachings and meditative practice that will bring about radical insights!” I don’t know, maybe I’m just looking at it the wrong way, but it seems many are becoming so attached to this concept of insight. It’s all they’re after, the only thing they want. It’s as if they forget that even these “insights” are also anatta! You won’t bring these insights with you when you die, it’s not about all the subtleties of mind, and getting the right insights, it’s about letting go. I realize that it is worth trying new things to deepen your practice, I don’t refute that. It’s just important not to get caught up in all this insight craze. The buddha did teach various meditative practices and contemplations, but if you really want to deepen your practice, at least in my mind, read the suttas, get a good teacher, and meditate your brains onto the floor. Don’t worry about these insights, not until your meditative practice is extremely well established. By then, you’ll either realize something isn’t right and you need to change strategies, or this won’t be something your concerned with anymore because the practice will actually be doing what it’s meant to do, act as a catalyst for letting go.

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Buy one for the price of two and get one free!

What I wonder is: how come there aren’t any $1500 samatha retreats? Hey, maybe I’ve just had a great business idea.

There were few discussions in this forum about this subject.
My opinion is divided on this subject.
I see the best of both worlds.
I have never been to a retreat or paid for one.
I wish to know the opinion of the people who have paid for a retreat.