Higher stages of satipatthana only after anagami stage?

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i think s. n. goenkaji has mentioned in his english discourses on the mahasatipatthana sutta that the higher stages of satipatthana bhavana (where each division of the 5 aggregates & abhidhamma style clear workings of the nama-rupa cognition process starts becoming clear) happens only after Anagami stage.

i am wondering if there is any reference for this in the suttas or commentaries. is the Anagami marker point specifically mentioned anywhere?

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No, not really, in the suttas at least. Not sure about the commentaries.

As a general rule, the Suttas do not distinguish the different stages of the path by different practices: it’s just the eightfold path. Of course one would expect that at the higher stages the development would be stronger and the insights deeper, but it is not stated in such definitive terms.