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Hi I’m in India right now and one thing that is a continual problem in the monasteries here is a lack of infrastructure, one minor or major I guess part of that is a lack of chanting books, is there anyone willing /able to help with compiling & or translation to make a Hindi chanting book?

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I see Hindi translations of DN and MN on SuttaCentral. These could be spoken by Aditi as a chanting aid if that would be helpful. Here is a sample from MN1.

Such might be helpful to those who cannot read a chanting book.


It is not a good clear Hindi pronunciation!


Would anyone be interested in or capable of transliterating into into roman Pāḷi or better yet Nagari script an audio Pali chant/ file…?


Ah, good to know! Thanks for the feedback.


Are you familiar with this tool? If you have proper unicode Pali in English letters, this can convert to any Indic script (and more)

It’a real gem of a tool. Devanagari a little tricky so you may need to fiddle. There is a check box for when the text is Pali, but not sure if that matters for Devanagari.


Bhante, this is the draft Hindi chanting book used by Dhammarama, which is the fledgling New Delhi offshoot of Wat Pah Nananchat. Prof PL Dhar, who is the main layman trustee might be able to assist you further in this matter.

chanting book Hindi p 1-107.pdf (2.1 MB)

(P.S. I have no idea if you already have access to this resource. Please forgive me if its not what you needed!)


Thank you @faujidoc1

The link is very interesting.

In particular I found the resources section really useful, with a great side by side translation in 3 languages.

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