Home Cooking Network

So right now i know alot of mums and other cooks who love to provide home cooked food for the people they care about. Great. I also know that some of them want to share there meals with their communitys at large. I propose that a Home Cooking Network might help connect the giving cooks with hungry bellys.

How would it work?

In todays world the smart phone is our connection to a wider world. Create an app that allows for this system to work. Households could create a profile. Make the meals they want to offer. Get all the legal labeling correct. Post what they have made and how many servings there are. Decide on what the price is or if its free. Then hit the ‘offer to society’ button. Then people in say a 1 mile radius can see where people have food to give. They tranact. Cash in hand or digitally. Happy mums and full tums.

Any open critiques are welcome. Its just a concept and we can play with it.

Much love,


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[post deemed unskillful, retracted]

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Great idea!

I’ve recently seen advertisements for new networks such as that promote the sharing of home-cooking.

Sharing has many benefits including a fostering of local communities and an introduction to multiple cuisines.

There are risks as well. Trust takes time to develop and can be destroyed in an instant with food poisoning.

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In many countries, people preparing food for sale (and presumably for free public distribution) are required to have a food handlers license. Ride-share services such as Uber and Lyft were started simply as ways for people to provide car service to others, but as they have gotten bigger, operators must possess a commercial drivers license. One would imagine that a service such as the one proposed would require operators to obtain a food handlers license which, in many jurisdictions, requires a fair amount of training.

Tolls need starving. You could make it like a fantacy themed honour system where instead of likes and love you feed trolls the bones of deer after the rats and mice have fought over the scraps thown down by a human.

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Best is if it teaches how to cook only vegan food.

Imagine having to teach how to take out the organs of fish, normalizing the cruelty behind the death of the fish just for the few seconds of taste.

I don’t reckon so. You are correct, trolls need food as much as anyone. My reaction was impulsive and unimaginative; I apologize and retract the post.

There are an estimated 3,000 - 3,500 homeless people in the city where I live, I see (some of) them literally every day. Hunger is serious, in whatever form it takes. I wish you well with your endeavor, and any other initiatives which can effectively reduce suffering.