How can I delete an essay wrote

The only apparent way to do this is flag ones own essay so it will be brought to the attention of the MOD team who will delete it for you.

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There’s the answer if anyone ever needs it.

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Hello, thanks for your post, I think it highlights something a number of people have been unsure about.

To clarify, flags aren’t so much for making deletion requests for one’s own content, but rather for highlighting content from other users you think goes against our community guidelines. You might also being interested in our guide to flagging.

If you want to request for a thread you started (it’s only thread starting posts users can’t delete themselves) to be deleted you can just send the mods a PM and if there are no implications (eg. other people’s replies to consider) we’ll typically gladly oblige.

Just type in “moderators” to the “add a user” field of the PM:



I found the pm button it’s the envelope picture