How can I move to some place near Lumbini/Bodh Gaya/Sarnath/Kushinagar?

I wish to move to and live somewhere in between Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, and Kushinagar. From such a “permanent resident,” I hope to more easily be able to visit all of the four places as is necessary.

I was born in the US, but my parents are from India. From what they told me, it doesn’t seem like living in India would be easy at all - especially since I do not know how to speak Hindi and am not accustomed to living in India.

However, I wish to seriously explore this option due to how valued these places seem to be in the early textual sources. Because of this, I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather live.

Does anyone have any advice on how I may be able to realistically do this at some point in the future?
All helpful advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

About language. Isn’t India like Sri Lanka that they speak fluent English? I had no problems in Sri Lanka with communication.

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I guess I meant like trying to live there for the rest of my life.

I lived in Sri Lanka for a while too and it seemed okay not knowing the language for the short-term. But I also felt that one might be/is treated differently or cheated/taken advantage of for “being a foreigner” while I was there and this is usually easily discernible when I open my mouth to talk. For such reasons, I foresee difficulties associated with being unable to communicate with the natives in their own language. So that’s why I mentioned that regarding language/communication - especially if I wish to live there for the rest of my life.

Wow. You lived in Sri Lanka. :heart_eyes: I understand you. Do you understand Hindi? Because that’s a plus in Language learning. Even in 1 year you can progress alot in learning a language. What is your goal work and practice dharma? Or you don’t care with work for money? Maybe volunteer will help? Just a suggestion

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No, I don’t.

I lived in Sri Lanka for a bit more than year and I was barely able to pick up anything. I do not think learning languages (or anything for that matter) happens quickly for me. I tend to learn relatively slowly.

I would like to start an organization that provides material and mental support, but I am not yet clear on the specifics and logistics just yet.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

It would be highly desirable that you take a few months off and travel to these places as a tourist first. Get your feet wet, so to speak! If you find one of these towns appealing, live for a few months in a guesthouse/ hotel… they are not expensive. You could even stay in one of the many Buddhist monasteries there. Get to know some locals. See the sights. If you are confident that you would like to proceed further, look for a house in the middle class colonies of that town… preferably where the civil administration officials stay. There are many locals who moonlight as ‘Agents’ and will be able to help you… though you might get cheated if you’re too trusting of strangers… But nothing worse than if you trusted a NY local either! :joy: :thinking:

Of course, your trip of a lifetime won’t be possible for a few months at least - India is locked down for COVID and foreign citizens aren’t being allowed entry… it would be best to wait till the current hullabaloo settles down!

So, to help you experience these places virtually, I’m uploading a recently published book by Ajahn Achalo documenting his experience (2018/19) of a meditation focussed pilgrimage to these towns… he has quite a few details of the places he stayed etc. …perhaps you might find something there to help in your quest!

3000 hours of Meditation by Ajahn Achalo.pdf (3.8 MB)

Disclosure - Indian citizen/ was an officer in the Indian Army/ Lived, worked and have travelled in these areas of Bihar/ Jharkhand/ UP for 20+ years


There are numerous websites that specialize in advice for people who want to live as expats. The two most popular sites seem to be these:


Check out this website. Ayya Yeshe is Australian and has started a charity in India from nothing. It’s not in the region that you intend, but you might still learn from her experience.

If you contact her, warm greetings from my part! :heart: