How do Art and Meditation Relate to Each Other?


You can see all sorts of things, it depends what you’re looking for - which is probably the point about art.
What I notice most in this image is the colours, particularly the blue light rays - they remind me of when I used to do stage lighting.
I’m still trying to work out whether this image is a painting or a photo.


For me the main common point is that art enhances our awareness of reality, which is what happens also in meditation.
After contemplating a great work of art, or reading some poetry, the world appears more beaitiful to me. It is the same with meditation.
One important difference is that meditation aims at switching off the five external senses, so that the world appears beautiful after you come out of a good meditation. Art by contrast is involved with the external word, which however it spiritualizes (when it’s great art).
Another difference is that sometimes art does not have a the moral component that is present in the eightfold path. Thus writers like Tolstoy or George Eliott have a strong ethical component in their work, but a musician like Wagner didn’t.
Finally art is about producing some great external object that commands our admiration and brings people together; meditation is done in solitude and has no external objct to show