How do I find a particular sutta?


I’ve been trying to find SN 20.7 Ani Sutta The Peg on sutta central using the search bar

I’ve tried a dumber of derivations with the name and number, spaces and no spaces.

I read the FAQ.

How do you look up a particular sutta by name or number?

Simply type “sn20.7” into the search box :grinning:


Thank you, so no spaces at all, and just the abbreviation of the book/collection.


If you look in the sidebar (on large screen) or towards the bottom of the page (on mobile) on you will see these tools:

This will give you an easy way to look up sutta names. Not only can you choose to ignore diacritics, but it will even ignore double letters and aspirates.

I made this tool specifically because I couldn’t remember each time the exact format that SC search needed to look up citations. It’s very forgiving. You can even just put a space in a citation like sn1 1 to get SN1.1.