How habits are formed

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I am not sure to what extent that is indeed a Lao Tzu quote. I have seen it previously attributed to Gandhi and the Buddha.

And the Buddha is indeed quoted in AN10.121 as having said something in the lines of views shaping thoughts, which in turn shape words, deeds, livelihood, and eventually destiny (in the sense of fruition or not of liberation…):

“Mendicants, the dawn is the forerunner and precursor of the sunrise.
In the same way right view is the forerunner and precursor of skillful qualities.
Right view gives rise to right thought.
Right thought gives rise to right speech.
Right speech gives rise to right action.
Right action gives rise to right livelihood.
Right livelihood gives rise to right effort.
Right effort gives rise to right mindfulness.
Right mindfulness gives rise to right immersion.
Right immersion gives rise to right knowledge.
Right knowledge gives rise to right freedom.”



Yeap…, I truly agree with you, who have been said such words are not really important, whether it was Lao Tzu, Buddha or even Gandhi. But a truth value should indeed be universal. The mechanism is like that, how a habit arises, the mechanism is like that :slight_smile: