How Hospital Gardens Help Patients Heal

Ulrich and his team reviewed the medical records of people recovering from gallbladder surgery at a suburban Pennsylvania hospital. All other things being equal, patients with bedside windows looking out on leafy trees healed, on average, a day faster, needed significantly less pain medication and had fewer postsurgical complications than patients who instead saw a brick wall.


If no-one else is found
In front or behind,
It’s extremely pleasant,
Dwelling alone in a forest grove.

Come now, I’ll go alone
To the wilderness praised by the Buddha.
It’s pleasant for a monk
Dwelling alone and resolute.

Alone and self-disciplined,
I’ll quickly enter the delightful forest,
Which gives joy to meditators,
And is frequented by rutting elephants.

In Sītavana, so full of flowers,
In a cool mountain cave,
I’ll bathe my limbs
And walk meditation alone.

When will I dwell alone,
Without a companion,
In the great wood, so delightful,
My task complete, free of defilements?

This is what I want to do:
May my wish succeed!
I’ll make it happen myself:
No-one can do someone else’s duty.

Fastening my armour,
I’ll enter the forest.
I won’t leave here
Until I have attained the end of defilements.

As the cool breeze blows
With fragrant scent,
I’ll split ignorance apart,
Sitting on the mountain-peak.

In a forest grove covered with blossoms,
In a cave so very cool,
I take pleasure in Giribbaja,
Happy with the happiness of freedom.

My intentions are fulfilled
Like the moon on the fifteenth day.
With the utter ending of all defilements,
Now there is no more rebirth into any state of existence.


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