How many things do I not need?

Dear Ajhan Su-java (eugine?). I voted that you keep it. Coffee has spiritual origins among Chritian monks and it was said to allow them to meditate. I can see it keeping you coding and collapsing the wave function of impending universes!!

with metta,


It is admirable to have so few possessions, and coffee seems pretty harmless to me…I say you do what you feel is right - I trust your judgement, Bhante.:slight_smile:

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Unless the coffee maker is on the order of this dreamy piece of equipment, it’s probably ok to keep it.


Only thing in your list that caught my eye was business cards! (with exclamation point!). I am assuming these are business cards for other people, Bhante? If they are for you, I feel like I really need to see what your business cards say. Inquiring minds want to know!

Bhante Sujato, Monk Extraordinaire? :slight_smile:


I voted leave it, but that’s because I very much appreciate coffee that I don’t brew myself. So much that I’m not sure what state my coffee kit is in right now (do I still have cofee somewhere in the garage)?

Now, that’s my view, so it means nothing of course.

But thanks for the interesting story and may I suggest you do whatever is good for you, for others or both you and others :D.


A friend asked me to share this from the Dhamma doodle thread here: :wink:

Feeding on Joy! :sparkling_heart:

Dhp 200
Happy indeed we live,
we who possess nothing.
Feeders on joy we shall be,
like the Radiant Gods.


Happy indeed we live,
we who possess no coffee maker,
Feeders of joy we shall be,
like the Radiant Gods.


Happy indeed we live,
we who possess nothing but coffee makers,
Feeders of coffee we shall be,
like the caffeine-overdosed Gods.


… and by the way … leaving things behind intentionally and after deliberation, is not the high mark of letting-go and non-attachment! It’s when one loses stuff, or is deprived of them, suddenly and abruptly, that the true test is on … I think. The sages say that the ego eventually gets lost in that way, and that one cannot choose to leave it behind! So venerable @sujato, keep the coffee maker, until the time comes for either it, or your ego, to be forever lost! :fallen_leaf:


Oh no! I’d certainly keep that

:crazy_face: :coffee:


Hey, thanks everyone, your responses lightened my morning. It looks like the votes are pretty close at the moment!

Yes, that’s right. People I’ve met at conferences and places around the world. One from a martial arts expert I met on a flight recently!


So are you planning to go ‘aginst the stream’ of whatever way the majority votes or with it? Are you trying to make us accomplices in your karma? :confused::smiling_imp: I remain neutral because possessions are a burden but coffee is good

Yes, that’s right.

whew! I was starting to imagine a monk handing out business cards…??? :sweat_smile:

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What business are you in sir?
I am selling mindfulness.

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Sri Lankan monk gave me his calling (business) card in Sri Lanka airport.
I did not have any problem with it.

I still think that you leave it there.
One day someone may deposits it in a Stupa (Dagaba) in your name and we all can pilgrimage there.


Lol! A coffee stained tooth relic next to a coffee stained business card? :rofl:

with metta


I’m actually thinking that this little gadget makes coffee as good as @Nadine’s far less portable fancy gizmo.
Seriously good espresso.


Okay everyone, thanks so much for your help.

The people have spoken, and the popular vote is in:

  • 57% take my coffee maker
  • 43% leave it behind

So, as I am a man who believes in democracy, I’ll leave it behind.

What?! It’s American democracy!


The Russian government endorses your decision.:grin:


‘Biohacking’- as in trying out how many robes are required to keep out the cold: the answer is 3 …I think!

You know how coffee feels like a shot of energy to your brain?
Music is another. If you put on smoooooooooooth jazzzzzzzz, you’ll feel different than if you blast T-T-T-TECHNO.

with metta

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