How should I submit my translation(s)?

Very well. Thank you. You may like to create a list of the words with their line-numbers which have to be translated/not-translated differently, so you do not have to explain all these things to everybody. :sun_with_face:

You mean tamo jotiparāyano? None of the three suttas are in Czech (yet).
Temné náklonnosti k světlu => Temný, mířící ke světlu.

Okay, I will translate AN 4.85 (ven. Sujato got it ready for me already, so please wait for me a day or two, I’ve got a little pile of urgent work here… :grin: )

BRB when it’s done. :slightly_smiling_face:


No hurry, Bhante. We still don’t ave a Czech voice to speak the Sutta … :cry:

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And another problem…

Now I found out that my translation of 4.77 which I made yesterday is now gone. The translation column is totally empty. So, I started to fill the “blanks” for the Czech language again and noticed that some lines get a nice green dot with a tick inside, but some are purple with a little square. When I drag the mouse over this, the green dots say “Committed” and the purple “Changes not committed.”

But I am confused. Why are they not committed? What’s wrong? There is no explanation. I insert plain text right from a Notepad-like app. What should I do?

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After inserting some text into a segment you have to press “Return”. That commits the text or the edit, if you change an already existing segment.


Thank you, Anagarika. :pray:

Karl made a typo. It should be “Singing”

Karl made another type. It is now “point”. This is used for TTS label.

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My first sutta is successfully translated. Thank you so much @sujato and @sabbamitta for your kindness and especially patience. :slightly_smiling_face:

No badge for first sutta translation. :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to more magnificent joint contributions in Dhamma. :heart_eyes:



Congratulations! And much Mudita!! :heart: :pray:


Venerable, Karl has added your translation to Voice. You can now show Voice’s Czech face to other Czech speakers (for now on the staging server).

Screenshot from 2020-06-30 14-57-45

If you set translation language to English instead of Czech as I did here, it will say “Search” on the line in the search box where it now says “Hledat”. This word represents the selected translation language, not the website language.

If you set translation language to EN and click “Temné náklonnosti k světlu” in the bottom left corner you get these results:

However, if translation language is set to Czech the result is a bit funny at the moment:

You see already the Czech title for AN4.85—which is because a publication model hasn’t been established for Bilara yet. This means Voice considers everything as published that is in the project you started, even partly translated Suttas. Which is one of the reasons why we can’t update Voice production until this is done (and it is the number 1 priority for Blake to work on at the moment).

If translation language is set to CS and you type an4.77 in the search box you find your newly translated Sutta. You can expand the little arrows and read it along with the Pali, if your setting is bilingual, although a voice to read it out to you isn’t present. (And I am sure Amy won’t do a great job at this!)

So double congratulations for what you’ve achieved today!! :+1::+1:

BTW, the Sutta you’ve chosen for your first translation is one of those I particularly like.


It appears that Voice chooses an English narrator. The result is somewhat mangled. I’m not exactly sure what to do here. If Pali is present, then it makes sense to read the Pali. However it makes no sense to read Czech with an English voice, so perhaps silence for Czech would be best until we have a better solution.

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That’s what I would think too. But Venerable @sarana may decide.

It’s nice, however, to be able to read the texts in Czech.

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How does this sound?

Mniši, jsou tyto čtyři věci, o kterých nelze přemýšlet, nemělo by se o nich přemýšlet.

I found it here. @karl_lew, @sarana, what do you think?

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That service uses Google TTS. It is not free, but it is reasonable.

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I think it’s comparable to AWS Polly’s prices?

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It is the same. However there is much added complexity given that it is not AWS. The staging server would need a Google account as well. :see_no_evil:

Probably the best thing we can do here is create and pay for VSMs. And we should only pay for that once, after Venerable Sarana has completed and finalized a Nikaya.

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… and, well, I guess production too. :scream_cat: :laughing:

If we are going to use Acapela too it will be funny! :sparkler: :tada: :confetti_ball:

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:scream_cat: :laughing:

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That may well take two or three years, and by then there may be other TTS solutions available. So we should stay calm.


Bhante jenom rezumim přemýšlet. Ja mam Malo slov! Smich


I plan to translate the darkness sutta and record my reading of it. I will record also the Pali reading.
I will publish here the links to the recording of my Czech and Pali reading.

What will you then tell me? :thinking:


Great! In this case we would perhaps have to ask @michaelh if he is able to help. He knows how to segment human recordings in a way that they can be used by Voice. This is a rather labor intensive process, and I know that Michael is quite busy, so I am not sure what he is able to do at the moment.