How to Become a Buddhist



I have to ask, did you know of JP Sears before encountering him in the Watercooler here?

I encountered him in YouTube. His videos make fun of all things new age, incense, coconut oil etc.

I share it here for the sake of laughing (acknowledging not everyone may find it funny! :grimacing:) and reflecting how Buddhism may sound to others, especially when it is over simplified for the sake of commercialization and/or trendiness.

The Buddha truly was WokeAF :meditation::anjal:

I found this this morning on a Buddhist facebook group with someone asking if anyone was offended by it. I can definitely see a lot being lost in translation to traditional Buddhists who may take offense to this. This is not so much about Buddhism as it is western spirituality and it’s relation/poor understanding of Buddhism.

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I think the parody on non-attachment is interesting, because in contemporary American English the primary collocation for ‘attachment’ is ‘emotional’, as in ‘emotional attachment’.

Other than that attachment is mostly used as a psychological term in relation to how a child relates to a caregiver.

IMO it’s easy to see how the English word “non-attachment” carries the connotation of lacking emotional bonds, particularly the type of emotional bonds one has towards close family and friends.

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I especially like his “How to Become Gluten Intolerant.”

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Yep, gluten intolerance usually comes in the package nowadays as well!!