How to get sinhala Fonts

Hi , I am a newbie
Can I please know how to get the sinhala fonts that you use in this website ?



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I am not entirely sure what you mean, but maybe this:

When you have a sutta, in the right upper corner there is ‘Views’. We you select this (see screenshot) you can select Sinhala at ‘Change Pali Script’. To see the Sinhala make sure you have ‘Side by Side’ selected from ‘View Root text with translation’.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 11.56.47

I was curious so I dug in to take a look. According to this code:

.sinhala-script {
    font-family: 'Noto Sans Sinhala' !important;

SC is using Noto Sans Sinhala which is part of Google’s attempt to cover all alphabets. It should load automatically if you are connected to the internet, although if that’s not working you could try installing it on your device directly. But shouldn’t have to.

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Thanks Danny,

I actually meant if you guys share the Sinhala typing software so that I can use it to type in my pc.

I saw your font is really beautiful.



Do you have the input method for Sinhala already enabled in your OS?

I used to have it but google seems to have removed it. I have windows 7 & 10 PC’s.

Thanks. Where should I implement this code please ?

Google killed off the Google Input Tool several years ago. Helakuru seems to offer the same feature.

Look for the Windows Logo to download.

It’s pretty easy to get the Sinhala keyboard on windows 10. It’s in the keyboard and language settings . I can’t remember the details as I’m on my iPad but it’s just like adding another language

Absolutely, but as far as I know it only uses the official Sinhala keyboard. The Google Input Tool(GIT) and the Helakuru software I mentioned above allow you to type the English letters phonetically. Unless they work in a field where they have to type a lot of Sinhala, most Sinhala people I know can’t use the standard Sinhala keyboard. And the OP mentioned the GIT so I assumed they didn’t know the standard keyboard.

Have you found a Windows 10 keyboard that lets you type phonetically?


Thanks . I tried helakuru in win 7 word but not all letters are phonetical. :sob:

Well, that’s the problem with phonetics. It’s probably not useful to call their system phonetic. Shift + letter is what often gets you mahaprana or murdaja. So yea, not phonetic. But workable!

Here are some more:
ඤ = zka
ඥ = zha
ඣ = Ja
ඞ = X
ඨ = Ta
ං = x
ඟ = zga (to get sanyaka, but of course that’s not needed for Pali)

I don’t know if this is the legit way to do it, but I just type what I want to type in Gishan and copy-paste??? Type in Sinhala - Sinhala Real-time Unicode and Sinhala Font Converter for mobile and PC

You can use Neto Sinhala fonts for a website and if you want to type Sinhala fonts on your computer you can use a . Type Sinhala Online Real-time Sinhala Phonetic Tool (

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That’s a great tool.

Did you mean Noto Sinhala?

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