How to install the Digital Pali Reader from source


The Digital Pali Reader is a FireFox Web Browser add-on developed by Bhikkhu Bhante Yuttadhammo of Sirimangalo International1. Although there is word that older FireFox add-ons will break completely accompanying migration over to some more graphically friendly architecture2, it should be fairly trivial to remedy3. Therefore, even novice students of Pali will be able to consider it requisite, pending a security audit as would be prudent4.




4 Within at most the last few months in my estimation, the Sirimangalo website took down the more convenient distribution mechanism.

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Please edit this post for comments on e0.0.1

  1. Download from git
  2. Extract to folder
  3. Create extension pointer files (w/ @yuttadhammo.bhikkhu)
  4. Start firefox and set “xpinstall.signatures.required” to false
    (use commandline to get error messages)
    4a. Restart for each
  5. Add to tool bar

(Browser Console Ctrl+Shift+J)

(Ubuntu GNOME LiveUSB, latest at time of posting)

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