How to locate this sutta reference?

Hello all,

Apologies if this question is silly/misdirected, but please excuse me - my iphone googling yielded no information.

How do I locate a sutta passage referenced thus -

MN III, 235-6

It made sense for me to go to part 3 of the Majjhima nikaya and locate the passages found at [235] and [236] presented in square parentheses like so in the Ven. Bodhi/Ñanamoli translation.

But those passages didn’t seem to relate to the reference I was checking.
My cluelessness or bad referencing by the author?


Ah. I found this post with the same question. Whoops!

But I still couldn’t find the PTS references on the main MN page at sutta central. I am on an iphone though?

Yes, the PTS references on are hidden when you browse on a phone, but they are there when you browse on a desktop. MN iii 235-6 is towards the end of MN139.

There is no locally hosted English translation yet, but in the Pali version of the text you can click the menu button in the top left => controls => textual information to pinpoint the precise paragraphs you are looking for (‘pts3.235’).

I don’t read pali, but using the dictionary (also in the menu bar from the button in the top left) the passage you are looking for seems to be the one about local languages and different names for bowls in different parts of India.

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Thanks for helping out with the answer! Yes, we hide this column on mobile, as i assumed that most people would be simply reading texts rather than researching. There’s simply not enough space to fit everything on a mobile screen, so something had to go!

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Thank you Bhante and Qianxi,

Bhante, you make a fair point! When I took the effort to connect my tablet to the internet, the PTS references came up on there.
Qianxi, thanks for your help! I understood the reference and found the correct passage.
Thank you for helping me learn about the PTS referencing system!