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I need help with getting help of a literal translation of Patala Sutta.

And I need help with finding suttas related to this sutta. This what Ananda is said in the sutta and it’s exactly what I’m thinking that each person remembers suttas as they have heard it. That means Suttas was not only recited by Ānanda and made final. But other could have heard it in another way and that was accepted to be valid also. So early Sangha had for that reason Suttas said different ways.
What Ananda said full story

He teaches the Dhamma in detail—as he has heard it, as he has remembered it—to others. He gets others to recite the Dhamma in detail—as they have heard it, as they have remembered it.

If this a better translation it’s welcome

But the way I understand it others could have heard it also in front of Buddha or from his teacher. (Preceptor)And as each have different mind each will remember different. From this it’s very difficult to believe there was one type of sutta. And all chanted the same. This was only the case after. But also one thing to remember Sariputta was Buddha’s attendant before and he had others until he chose Ānanda.

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And what’s the reason Matikas is always untranslated. First time I read it. Matikas was the early collection of text?

You might check out AN 5.26, AN 5.73-74, AN 5.155, AN 6.56, AN 7.61, AN 11.17, MN 33, MN 125, DN 21, DN 33, DN 34. They use similar vocabulary, not sure if this is what you are looking for.

It’s more practical if you link to Sujato’s translations here (not to Thanissaro’s), because here we can see the Pali in a line-for-line translation. You find this option in the text settings.

Sujato translates as ‘outlines’. Probably lists, formulas, or templates are meant. See Gethin: The Mātikās: Memorization, Mindfulness and the List


Thank you very much.