I can not find this word in the Pali-English Dictionary. Does anyone know?



parisuddhena (?)

manoviññāṇena (?)

I anticipate it will be this way. But…

Nissaṭṭha=> instrumental. Nissaṭṭhena (?)

Indriya=> instrumental. indriyehi (?)

Parisuddha=> instrumental. parisuddhena (?)

Mano & Mana(s) -viññāṇa=> instrumental. manoviññāṇena (?)

Nissaṭṭha: dismissed, given up, left, granted, handed over, given

Indriya: faculty, function

Parisuddha: clean, clear, pure, perfect

Mano & Mana(s) -viññāṇa: representative cognition, rationality

  1. ‘‘Nissaṭṭhena hāvuso [nissaṭṭhena panāvuso (?)], pañcahi indriyehi parisuddhena manoviññāṇena kiṃ neyya’’nti?

Nissaṭṭha=> instrumental. Nissaṭṭhena (?) YES

Indriya=> instrumental. indriyehi (?) YES

Parisuddha=> instrumental. parisuddhena (?) YES

Mano & Mana(s) -viññāṇa=> instrumental. manoviññāṇena (?) YES

panāvuso = pana + avuso

you’re welcome to refer to the aggregated case endings table available for download at http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/nyanatusita/index.html

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Thank you for your help.
I think this would be very helpful.

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You might want to reference here as well.