I discover Bhante Sujato!

For some strange computer glitch, I could not access SC or Dhamma Wheel for few days. So I start ed browsing You Tube. Strange way, I was directed to Bhante Sujato’s Dhammanet. I enjoy his Dhamma talk so much and I thought the Devas have intervened to re-direct my attention to a hidden treasure. Now you can re-discover it.


Yes both SuttaCentral and DhammaWheel were down this weekend… :thinking: must have been Mara’s work! :smile:

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Not for me.
I know how to beat him.

Very important topic you stumbled upon Sarath!

Sole dominion over the earth,
going to heaven,
lordship over all worlds:
the fruit of stream-entry
excels them.
-Dhp 178


with metta


Thanks for sharing the video. Good stuff - I get a kick out of the bebop synth intro music! :grin:

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How to practice mindfulness when you are working in your office.

Right speech is the right mindfulness.
Listening to dhamma is developing the right view.

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What is not in the Eightfold Path?

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Good Dhamma discussion on Mahastipatthanasutta.
You can skip part 1 and 2 if you wish to go to the topic straight away.
Bhante @sujato can you make another video (when you have time) based on this experience but limited to one hour and without any question and answer session. Perhaps this new video could be the precursor for this series. Perhaps this new video could be supported by a handout which can be access by the net.