I made an App based on suttacentral and cbeta data

Thank you for sharing invaluable data so that I could make this app.
This app is mainly for enhancing daily reading experience with your tablet or phone.
Though it is a little bit clumsy, I am using it myself on daily basis.
If possible please add this app on suttacentral awesomeness(apps based on sutta central section)





Thanks so much Zeta!

I’m trying out the app in web view, it looks interesting. You made it in React Native, I think?

Where exactly is the English for the Chinese coming from? [Edit: Oh, I see now. You’ve used the DeepL data. That’s really not a translation, it’s a software experiment.]

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Thank you for your concern. I commented that Deepl translations are not for serious practice or study. I made this app with react native.


Ven Sujato, Thank you for adding this app to awesome Suttacentral. I made this with react native…

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It’s “better than nothing at all” and serves to mockup an app. I like that you’ve made the parallel links available on the top menu. It makes browsing them quick. One other thing: For the Chinese, I would suggest moving T 大正新脩大藏經 and X 卍新續藏 to the top of the list. Those are the two main canonical collections that most users would be looking at.

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That’s a great idea…